Law-related Questions:

Click here to go HatchOregon.com FAQs for frequently asked law-related questions. These questions will help you understand who can use the law and how it can be used. Watch this space!

Technical Questions:

Q: I tried to invest, but after clicking “Complete Checkout”, it kept saying “Processing”. What does this mean?
A: This happens when you are trying to invest an amount that is more than the maximum spending amount that your bank allows on your card per day. Please check with your bank to know the maximum daily spending limit for your credit card. You can always use checks and directly invest with the company.

Q: Can I invest any amount I want?
A: Please read the prospectus document first. Each prospectus has different terms. The website will allow you to invest according to the terms on the prospectus. For example, if the terms say “1000 Convertible “Notes” valued at $250 per “Note””, then the website will allow you to invest $250 or multiples of $250. If you want to buy 5 notes in this case, you would invest $1250. That is 5 multiples of $250.

Q: How do I upload my profile image?
A: Profile images are pulled from gravatars. You can add your picture here: http://en.gravatar.com/



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