Agrarian Ales

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Executive Summary

AABC, Incorporated, doing business as Agrarian Ales, is a farmhouse brewery and family gathering venue located just outside Eugene in rural Willamette Valley, Oregon.  Set on Crossroads Farm, owned by Debbie Tilley, principal operations include on-site farm processing of value-added food and beverage products from crops grown on-site.  The facility will primary produce lines of farm-fresh foods and beverages, including: farmhouse ales and lagers, hot sauce, pickles, sauerkraut, other fermented vegetables, hops, hop products, raw grains, and other brewing herbs.

Agrarian Ales is housed in a 1940’s era dairy facility, restored and modernized, for all brewing, food processing and storage operations.  The brewery and the grounds surrounding it, including the hop fields on the farm, are under continuous improvement and set the stage for a unique venue to host a true farm-to-table family dining and drinking experience, as well as various events, from brewery/farm tours and tastings, to private parties and brew festivals, weddings and local food networking events.

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