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This is a new Community Public Offering, launched on July 20th, 2015


Executive Summary

Crescendo is a licensed distillery and tasting room located in Eugene, Oregon. Launched in 2013, we make traditional Italian liqueurs referred to as “Cellos” in a variety of flavors: traditional lemon along with our orange and unique lime flavors. We’ve been producing this refreshing twist on a traditional and well-loved liqueur since April 2014.

Crescendo is offering equity in the company in lots of 1,250 shares. The minimum investment is a purchase of 1,250 shares for $250. The maximum purchase is 12,500 shares for $2,500. This stock is non-voting stock.

UPDATE: 4/11/2016

Hello potential investors,

Time for me to let you know progress in the world of Crescendo. Consider this the update to our posted offering document.

The road traveled thus far (since beginning the crowdfunding raise).

You should all recognize section 3 from the offering document.

Section 3 – Minimum/Maximum amount of funding needed and how it will be used

Minimum Funding Needed: $12,700.00

Funds will be held in a legal Trust Account until the minimum is secured, after which the funds will be released to the company. In the event that the minimum isn’t raised within the 12-month investment period, the funds will be returned to all investors minus the 3% processing fee.

--- Minimum funding met in October of 2015 ---

Maximum Funding Sought: $110,000.00

Currently sitting at $56,000 of $110,000 as of April 4, 2016.

There is still time to take advantage of this offer.

Production Inventory

- We have a new label with new graphics, and are moving to a new improved bottle. New funds will allow us to purchase labels and bottles in bulk to improve our current product. New bottles are in rotation, we have ordered our second set of bottles already

Investment Raise Expenses

- Pay investment expenses associated with the InvestOR Accelerator, travel and marketing, and associated state fees.

Paid. We attended eight Hatch Oregon promotional events in 2015 for the purpose of raising investment and promoting awareness of the program.

Travel/State Distributor Meetings/setup

- Pursue opportunities in other states, requires travel by key person with associated expenses.

- Setting up partnerships with distributors and/or creating opportunities

We now have a distributor in Nevada and have fulfilled our first purchase order.

We have developing relationships with two distributors that between each other have the capacity to bring us into 32+ states. We are very close to a purchase order from one of them for California distribution (the entire state).

Additional Equipment – Upgrades

- Heat Tunnel for shrinking labels – Determined to not be needed at this time.

- Additional zester – Not Purchased Yet: $3500

- FRP or steel barrels for mixing – Not Purchased Yet: $5000

- Sturdier carts – Not Purchased Yet: $500

- Filter Station - Purchased

- Explosion Proof Pump - Purchased

- Additional Bottler – Determined to not be needed at this time.

- Forklift – Not Purchased Yet: $6000

Company Branding –Apparel, signs, etc.

- Logo Shirts, Coaster,

- Signage, Flyers, Posters

Designed but not yet in production.

Company Supplemental

- Funds for owner’s salary to draw down when possible,

- Cash for contingencies.

Being used as needed.

Website Optimization – Management

- Improve website

- Improve online presence

Local SEO has been performed, website streamlined, new product photos and

information have been posted.

Marketing Staff/Contractor

- Sell throughout Oregon

- Representation in more Bars & Restaurants

- Increase sales in more liquor stores

- In-Store Tastings

- Shows

- Tasting Room

Sales manager and a tasting room manager hired, doing all of the listed tasks.

Social Media Contractor

- Put us on all major social media sites

- Continually post and support company events and product awareness

We now have Twitter and Instagram, in addition to our Facebook accounts.

Accounts are always being improved and added to. Social media contractor recently got a full time job after 5 months of performing this work. However, our current staff is now proficient enough that a social media contractor is no longer needed.

Tasting Room

- Now offering cocktails

- Purchased equipment and materials for offering cocktails

- Now offering food

- Purchased equipment and materials for offering food

- Added additional retail items to the tasting room to develop sales

- Adjusted pricing according to lessons learned

- Improved the location with artwork and events (Vino and Vango painting lessons)

Distillery location

- Added additional quality control steps to the product

- Added wireless internet

- Added misc. items that create a safer environment (gloves, lab coats, new spray curtains)

- Added a full ceiling height wall between the tasting room and bonded area

- Added another door to the bonded area

- A vehicle has been purchased for company use, and to develop company credit profile.

Investment Raise Efforts

- Personally met and talked with over 200 people to discuss investing in Crescendo

- (16) 2500 club members amounting to $40,000 of the $47,500 invested

- 29 new investors

- 2 successful holiday investor events

- Developed investor newsletter and figured out mail chimp to develop communication tools.

Thus ends my update to section 3. I hope this has been informative for you. We have come so far since we started our raise. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me.

I look forward to you all being owners.


Kyle D. Akin

President, Crescendo Organic Spirits

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