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A new feature: Redirection

Summary: We released a new update to the platform that automatically redirects you to where you were before logging in. Background: Older version would always take you to the dashboard upon logging in. Changes: You will be redirected to where you were before logging in. You will see your name next to the words “Log out”

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A new payment processor

Summary: We have switched to Stripe as our third party payment processing company as of June 1st, 2015. Background: The Oregon Intrastate Securities Exception requires that online payments are processed by a third party company. We have been using Balanced Payments as the third party payment processing company. However, recently Balanced Payments has announced that it will shut down its business. We looked into different payment processing companies, and decided to use Stripe as the new third party since it ...

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Switching to minimum goals

Previously, we were using the maximum goal from each prospectus to reflect on the progress of offerings. However, considering the fact that if the minimum isn’t reached, the offering will not continue, we decided to switch all progress counters to reflect the minimum goal of their prospectuses. This will be a better representation of the offering’s progress. Look for this alert notice which will indicate that the progress count is reflecting the minimum:   Once the minimum is reached, the ...

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